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Omada, improve experience with user testing

Omada is a free betting app for Gen Z created by Luni. Every day, hundreds of thousands of players meet there to bet on soccer, tennis or basketball and to challenge their friends on the best matches. Beyond being a sports betting app, it is above all a unique universe for sports fans


@Luni, we have several products but a small team of product designers with specific skills for user research which led me to work on different topics. I collaborated with the Omada product team for a User Research mission. In order to get acquainted with the current challenges of the team and to support the growth of the application (+150k daily users). I exchanged with the Product Manager of the team during a kick-off meeting to define the focus, the objectives of the research and the expected deliverables. Then, I conducted an expert analysis in order to highlight the usability problems of the interfaces which helped me to build my task scenarios

Set up.

Given the very social issues of the application, I decided to set up two test scenarios. The first one aimed to put the application in the hands of potential users of the application, young sports fans, and to simulate the reception of an invitation from a friend. The second one aimed at testing the sending of this invitation by an existing player


Once the tests were done, I was able to analyze the data collected, validate or not our hypotheses and create new ones. In order to communicate the results of the research to the relevant stakeholders in a way that would amplify their impact on the product, I produced a report of findings by documenting my analysis with insightful quotes from users, and finally delivering my product-related recommendations. This data was then organized on notion to be easily found and used to inform the roadmap. Here are some examples of issues raised:


Eventually, I didn't find any critical issues, only minor ones that can be solved by wording or usability changes. However, some features don't match the users' expectations and need to be reworked in more depth. A new phase of exploratory user research (focus group, interview...) would be necessary to improve the relevance of the squads and develop competitiveness within the app.