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Betclic, popularize and rejunevate the horse betting experience

As part of a hackathon, I had the chance to work with Betclic teams to help them improve their Betclic Sport application in order to popularize and rejuvenate the horse betting experience. We made this project in 2 days with a team of two Product Designers and three Developers


Betclic has a core application, Betclic Paris Sportifs, on which it is possible to bet on soccer, basketball, rugby and a secondary application, Betclic Turf, dedicated to horse betting. Bridges exist between these two products and user analytics indicate that 80% of new horse bettors come from the core app. However, 50% of these new users are only active for one day and don't come back afterwards. So a question arises …


We were able to benefit from some insights from the Betclic team that helped us in defining the problem encountered by users. To complete this research, we met with a young user of Betclic Sport who had already bet on horse races so that he could tell us about his understanding of the sport and the obstacles he encountered during his experience

We then gathered with our team to capture the opportunities of this project during a "How Might We" workshop. This method allows us to take the insights and pain points and positively reframe them. We then identified the main areas where our solution should focus in order to solve the problem

Sketch & Prototype.

After grouping our HMW notes, we then conducted a co-design workshop to challenge our visions and to bring out our best ideas to a well-articulated solution sketch. Following this, we were able to quickly start prototyping using Betclic's Design System.

Directly from the "top bets" tab, users will be able to find a selection of the most popular races with live content, a must for young users. The first time a horse race is selected, we offer a fake free bet to help new users and answer their questions identified during our user research

We have chosen to de-clutter the interface not to overload users with any information requiring expert knowledge. To do so, we have limited the type of bets available by focusing only on the winner of the race (which represents 70% of current bets). Moreover, in order to help new users in decision making and understanding the horse betting process, we have provided a dynamic, interactive and fun editorial content with stories


With the solution provided during the hackathon, we aim to familiarize users with this new universe in order to better handle the transformation process to Betclic Turf later on. We can also think of a new way to notify users playing on emotions to improve their retention rate by creating a betting habit on the horses that made them win